Reb has starred and co-starred in twenty-two movies opposite such screen luminaries as Gene Hackman, George C. Scott,, John Lithgow, James Coburn, Christopher Lee, as well as thirty-two Guest-Starring roles in a variety of Television shows.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Reb excelled in Varsity Football, Basketball and Baseball.

His Father was a Police Sergeant with the Los Angeles Police Department and his Mother was a homemaker.  

Upon graduating from High School, Reb was recruited by sixty-four universities to play college football; as well as, 

UC Santa Barbara for baseball.  He accepted a football scholarship to University of Southern California (USC).  After obtaining a Bachelors Degree, Reb's destiny took a surprisingly different path..........

 A top Hollywood agent spotted and signed him to a contract at Universal Studios.  

The young, baby faced, blue-eyed athlete found himself as an actor in the movie business.  His appearance and physique was perfect to play the title role of Captain America in a new television series.

Brown does not regret playing professional sports.  He loves the acting profession.  He says with a twinkle in his eyes, " Besides, I would not have met my wife, Cisse !"

In 1978, Reb made a Guest Appearance on a CBS/Paramount series, The Ted Knight Show, he met his wife, Cisse Cameron.  Cisse was a series regular.  Since Reb does not believe in mincing words, he walked up to Cisse and said, "You don't know it yet, but I am going to marry you."   They married a year later, September 8, 1979, and are still happily married

Due to a variety of projects and roles, Reb has a wide spectrum fan base which includes all ages and many countries across the world.  Those fans are dear to his heart.  It is for those fans that he has created this website!

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